Bailey can be used for Highway Bridges

  • Release time:2017-08-09
  • Publisher: Baidu Wenku
  • source: Baidu Wenku
  Bailey can be used for highway bridge erection in Longmen crane girder erecting machine, basket etc. Bailey truss gantry crane, assembled highway bridge component assembling Longmen frame is adopted, and the span and the height of the column can be adjusted to adapt to different working site, widely used in highway, railway, municipal, construction, water conservancy construction project, bridge construction, lifting prefabricated field moving precast beam, pier side transport site construction work.
  Guizhou Bailey welding is composed of upper and lower chords, vertical bars and diagonal rods and end of upper and lower chords are yin and Yang joint, joint has a truss connecting pin hole. Guizhou Beilei the chord consists of two channel No. 10 (back-to-back) combination, the lower chord, a plurality of perforated steel plate welding, bolt holes and for reinforcing chord and double truss connections in the upper and lower chords in the chord, and is used to connect the frame four bolts the hole with two holes, Bailey pin of the middle is for double row or multiple rows of truss internodes in connection with the same. The two holes at each end are used for cross section connections. Multiple rows of Bailey beams or columns for use, must be joint support frame for reinforcement of the upper and lower sections of the bailey.
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