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  • Release time:2017-08-09
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  Bailey bridge is at the beginning of 1938 the Second World War, the British engineer Donald Bailey (Donald Bailey) invented the steel highway bridge is convenient for assembly and transportation (highway prefabricatedsteel bridge), named after him, known as Bailey bridge. In addition to our manufacturing standard components including truss Bailey bridges, steel bridge, steel bridge Bailey, Bailey bridge, Bailey beam, truss, gantry crane, bridge machine, bridge, construction of assembled highway steel bridge, bridge, Zhanqiao, 321, 200 prefabricated highway steel bridge prefabricated highway steel bridge, Bailey hanging structure basket, Bailey structure full support, multi span Bailey bridge, arch support and so on, also developed new varieties of more than 20 kinds of Bailey truss, supporting more than 20 varieties, applicable to all kinds of engineering construction or traffic demand, but also with the standard components used interchangeably.
  Guizhou Beilei the chord consists of two channel No. 10 (back-to-back) combination, the lower chord, a plurality of perforated steel plate welding, bolt holes and for reinforcing chord and double truss connections in the upper and lower chords in the chord, and is used to connect the frame four bolts ports, of which two holes are for double row or more connected with the truss with internode. The two holes at each end are used for cross section connections. Multiple rows of Bailey beams or columns for use, must be joint support frame for reinforcement of the upper and lower sections of the bailey. In the lower chord, with 4 pieces of beam plate, with a tenon above, for the fixed beam in the plane of the position at the end of channel webs of the bottom chord bar is provided with two elliptical holes, for connecting rod wind. Bailey vertical bars are used 8# steel made in the vertical bar on the bottom chord of one side of a square hole is opened, it is for the use of fixed beam beam clamp.
  Guizhou Bailey can be used for highway bridge erection in Longmen crane girder erecting machine, basket. Combination of Bailey truss gantry crane, assembled highway bridge component assembling Longmen frame is adopted, and the span and the height of the column can be adjusted to adapt to different working site in Guizhou, Bailey is widely used in highway, railway, municipal, construction, water conservancy construction project, bridge construction, precast lifting prefabricated field transport pier beam transport, near field construction operations.
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