Bailey bracket installation precautions

  • Release time:2017-08-09
  • Publisher: Baidu Wenku
  • source: Baidu Wenku
  Work on the project site is the most important is safety, Bailey disassembly is the same, should pay attention to the following points:
  1, workers entering the construction site must pass three levels of safety education, education qualified before operation.
  2, Guangdong Bailey operation should wear protective gloves, shoes, safety helmets, more than 2M to correct fasten the safety belt safety protection products. 
  3, construction climbing operation (special types of work), must be professional safety technical training, the examination qualified, with special operation operation card to job. No special work shall not be carried out without permission. 
  4, the installation and removal personnel must undergo a medical examination, where suffering from hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy, dizzy or visual acuity is not enough, and not suitable for climbing operations, shall not engage in climbing erection operations. 
  5, according to the work piece construction scheme of Guangdong Bailey requirements;
  6, installation personnel must wear safety belt according to the height requirements;
  7, the assembly must be carried out after the no-load comprehensive, effective overload test load, and a lightning protection device;
  8, installation and disassembly process, is strictly prohibited personnel across below the frame;
  9, the demolition should be in accordance with the provisions of Guangdong Bailey from top to bottom, the object should be put down corresponding safety measures, not be thrown down any member; acceptance of the direction of operation, without acceptance or unqualified acceptance are not allowed to enter the next process operation.
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