How to check Guizhou Bailey

  • Release time:2017-08-09
  • Publisher: Baidu Wenku
  • source: Baidu Wenku
  Bailey has application in many ways in the Bailey steel bridge above, but in the actual operation will still be a lot of problems:
  1, on-site inspection frequency is not enough, check the contents of the inspection, found problems rectification is not in place, to cope with the examination, repeated repeated modification, do not really know what is safe and does not speak the security consequences of human life events do not pay attention to. Guizhou Beilei safety management systems and measures are fully implemented, the system, strictly implement the provisions.
  2, the key parts of the special procedures for the preparation of the program is not perfect, the disclosure of a mere formality, job guidance is not meticulous, training is not in place, on-site technical management is weak.
  3, work style is not solid, on-site inspection found the problem is not a mere formality, take timely corrective measures, fully exposed the lax management and staff at all levels of ideological paralysis, to stop the illegal operations of unmanned field exist, lead to consequences. Guizhou Beilei management personnel will strictly control the construction on the site, in-depth examination, strong sense of responsibility, problems and security risks can be aware of existing site.
  4, on-site worker training is not in place, management is not in place, workers have no constraints in the construction site at random, and want to do what, how to handle after the accident, according to the provisions of the executive, this is the key to produce the late social impact.
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