Hunan Bailey and the support of the introduction

  • Release time:2017-08-09
  • Publisher: Baidu Wenku
  • source: Baidu Wenku
  Bailey has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient erection, stitching fast, strong bearing capacity, Hunan is the high strength of Bailey truss structure, the maximum bearing capacity should be in a node of the vertical pole chord, no node capacity comparison point. In the actual construction site inevitably support and Bailey node dislocation, in order to ensure the support points and Bailey beam node overlap can be used the following two measures to deal with:
  Should be considered in general layout of steel pipe column, according to the standard Hunan Bailey pitch length is to reasonably determine the characteristics of 3M two rows of steel column spacing, the principle is to ensure that support up according to column in Bailey node cloth. According to the interval of stress calculation, such as without considering the layout of steel pipe column will increase the workload of the late reinforcement measures by Hunan bailey. This method can fundamentally solve the problem of the mismatch between the support point and the node.
  As in the overall layout of steel pipe column is not considered, the construction of a large number of nodes in bailey. The non standard Bailey adjusted increase of non-standard pieces of a certain number of manufacturers and leasing business has rarely Beileifei standard. Non standard section Bailey shortest only 1m, such as this should be good with detailed calculation section in the Bailey beam installation, non-standard configuration section of the installation position, strict monitoring. If the non-standard parts are installed incorrectly, the function of the joint can not be ensured.
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